Facebook 4 Education

- The press is generally negative. More and more there are stories of students, teachers, and schools using Facebook in a negative way. I know that there are teachers out there that are using Facebook with their students, parents, community, and schools in a positive way. They rarely ever get the press that they deserve.

- I created this Wiki for the purpose of providing educators a place to promote how they are using Facebook in their classrooms and schools. If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, please share what you are doing so that we have an area for positive uses of Facebook in Education since the Press doesn't seem to cover it.

1.) Are you using Facebook with your students? How?
2.) Are you using Facebook with your parents? How?
3.) Is your school using Facebook? How?
4.) Is your district using Facebook? How?
5.) Is your administration using Facebook? How?
6.) Has Facebook opened doors for communicating with your students and parents? How?

- If you have a Facebook page, please share with readers of this Wiki so that we can see its use in action.

Here is a link to the official Facebook in Education Page...On Facebook.