trucos para facebook

Does your class, school, and/or district have a Fan Page on Facebook? Share a link to it here. How is it being used? What benefits and/or problems have you encountered keeping a Fan Page on Facebook?

The Spartanburg High School Library started a fan page on April 14th, 2010. The link is . I am using it, along with a monthly newsletter, a webpage, and a blog, to communicate library programs, events, new books, etc. So far, my only problem was setting up the NetworkedBlogs application to feed the library blog directly into the Facebook.

New Milford High School (NJ) launched a Facebook page on April 3, 2010. Students at the school suggested that I (Eric Sheninger-Principal) create one as a means to communicate with students, parents, community members, and alumni. This site now serves as an informational hub covering school events, news, student achievements, etc. You can view the site HERE