Facebook has a lot of Applications. Many of these apps would be a great service in your classroom. If you have used an app on Facebook in your classroom or school, please share it.

2/26 For an economics project, we had our students establish a business with the Facebook app Restaurant City or FarmVille. They blog about the purchases they make, the workers they hire, how many customers they have, etc. Their mid-term and final products ask students to explain how their choices affected their income and the ultimate success of their business. They included as well a lot of information about how they learned from their mistakes, such as when they'd forget to harvest their crops and they'd lose the money they'd invested to plant or when they forgot to care for their employees and work didn't get completed at the restaurant. They learned the benefit of cultivating neighbors and helping each other in their work. It has amazed me the number of students who were lukewarm when we began but now admit they've learned things they didn't expect and they continue their business operations after the end of the assignment. (Poelover)